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It Is An Entry Level Package Of Radar Software. It is designed for those homoepathic doctors who are entering the professional practice environment like Students & Beginners. By having this software, one Can access 19 Repertories, 404 References And Can Easily Repertorize the case and do Analysis. With Patient Management system, one can manage Patients easily. For Further Query Can Now Even Use In Built Web-Browser.


  • Synthesis TE 2009 Repertory
  • KENT Repertory
  • 10 + Other Repertories

References (400+ Books & Volumes)

The largest collection of books that any software offers as on date. Includes all kinds of… Materia Medica, Keynotes, Comparative Materia Medica, Therapeutics, Provings, Journals, Other therapies, Philosphy, Proceedings / Conferences, History / Biography, Clinical cases, Dictionaries and others

Winchip Mini Engine (Patient Management Program)

Features (Silver Engine)


By having this feature, one can make their own personal notes in RadarOpus, can read unique RADAR keynotes and can access the very authentic Allen’s keynotes to confirm the symptoms of individual Homeopathic Remedy. In this package, Access given to the following:

  • SERVAIS P. - Themes
  • VALADARES FONSECA A. - Semiological guide


These are beautiful presentation of concepts/Themes of different authors associated with RadarOpus, which can be used to understand the concept of an author enlisted in the segment and the same time can be used in the analysis of case by limiting it to that particular map just by single click. In this version, one get access of –
  • MAP - CREVELD - Creveld Three Trees
  • MAP - EVANS Evans - Marine Invertebrates (Family illustration)
  • 6+ Other Families

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