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The Master package is the next step up in the Packages of the RadarOpus Software suite – designed for Those Homeopathic Practitioners Who are more experienced or who want more data. In addition to the benefits, functions, and features of the Prime package the Master package also gives access to 982 volumes of homeopathic literature as well as to Jan Scholtens period table analysis map.

As with the Prime package the patients' case can be easily Repertorizeand Analyze with the additional help of the Vithoulkas expert system and the Boeninghausen Polar Symptom analysis and the Jan Scholten period table

Access is given to :

– The repertory SYNTHESIS and more than 20 Repertories in total,

– Concepts and families database and function.

– VES (Vithoulkas Expert System

– Boeninghausen polar symptom analysis and Jan Scholten periodic table

– As well as 982 Volumes Of Books

– And Advanced Homeopathic Patient Management System with extended functionality and features compared to the Prime and Silver versions

– As well as access to the CLIFICOL database of cases with more functions and features compared to the Prime and silver versions

– Built-in web browser


Synthesis TE 2009 Repertory
Murphy Repertory 3.0
Boenninghausen Pocket Book (BTPB)
KENT Repertory
Phatak Repertory
Boger, CM - Boenninghausen's Characteristics & Repertory
Boger, CM - Synoptic Key of the Materia Medica
Boger, CM - General Analysis
Boericke - Repertory in Pocket Manual
Clarke - Clinical Repertory
Ward - Sensations As If
Roberts - Sensations As If
Bhatia, VR - Miniature Rep. of Remedies in Common Cold
Choudhury - Hints for Treatment of Cancer
Drake, OM - Repertory of Warts and Condylomata
Foster - Toothache and its Cure
Jefferson Guernsey - Repertory of Hemorrhoids
Master, FJ - Hair Loss
Pulford, A and TD - Repertory of Pneumonia
Sudarshan, SR - Repertory of Non-Malarial Fevers
Sukumaran, N - Main Symptoms of Heart Problems


VES (Vithoulkas Expert System)

Solving cases becomes simpler when you have experts solving the case for you. Vithoulkas Expert System is a set of rules that reproduces the thinking of George Vithoulkas. It not only recalls data with 100% accuracy, it also processes and evaluates that data according to his own methods. Read more...

Bönninghausen polar symptom analysis

It is a development of Boenninghausen's concept of contraindications. It serves to determine in individual disease a healing probability for each homeopathic medicine in question. The method leads to an efficient and reproducible choice of remedy and increases the precision of prescriptions as compared to a conventional homeopathic procedure. Polarity analysis is based on the revised edition of Boenninghausen's Therapeutic Pocketbook, an exceedingly reliable repertory.It explains the value and use of Polar Symptoms (those symptoms that can have an opposite aspect, an opposite pole) in improving the reliability of the remedy choice. Read more...


Personal Keynotes
Keynotes Radar V4 (English) (version 4)
Keynotes Allen (English)


A patient may not provide the most accurate words to describe how he or she is feeling. It is up to the practitioner to recognize patterns, symptoms or key words during the interview process. This can sometimes make diagnosis very difficult for a homeopath. This is to be expected - we are all very different, and our language leaves room for much uncertainty around the 'concept' of the patient's problem. RADAR's Concepts is a unique tool that helps you to translate the language of your patients into the language of the repertory. Concepts' spider-like web of information connects rubrics based on themes or concepts. Read more...

DRAGOS D.Mind concepts
LARA I. Latent psora
MATEU RATERA M.First Aid manual
PETRUCCI R.Children concepts
SCHROYENS F.Acute Diseases
SCHROYENS F.Radar concepts
VALADARES FONSECA A.Semiological guide

Families of Remedies

Consider the family to help find the remedy A prescription of Lachesis has failed, but examination of the case seems nonetheless to indicate it. With this method you are able to limit your search to snake remedies only. You can give every medicine belonging to a particular family greater weight in your analysis or exclude all remedies that do not belong to a particular family. Families will also provide information about which families come up strongest in the analysis.

BENTLEY G.Miasms, Dominance and the 7 color groups
BÖNNINGHAUSEN, von C.Boenninghausen concordances
BOYD W.Boyd families
DORCSI M.Dorcsi families
PATERSON J. Bowel nosodes
ROSENTHAL C.Five elements
ROSENTHAL C.State of matter families
SANKARAN R. Sankaran families
SANKARAN R. Sankaran miasms
SCHROYENS F.Nosodes families
SCHROYENS F.Related remedies
STÖTELER E. Hahnemann disease classification
TAYLOR W.Kingdoms families
TAYLOR W. Miasms families
TAYLOR W.Periodic Table (Classical)
TAYLOR W. Periodic Table (element theory)
TESTE A.Teste families

Features Gold (Light)

Functions and Features available in RadarOpus.

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Features Gold (Light)(Patient Management Software )

This powerful patient database program helps you keep track of your patients information i.e Repertorizations, Prescription, Consultations list, Pathologies, Posology, Remedy reactions, and attach many other files (Video, Image, Sounds, PDF, Word, Excel) etc. WinChip is a complete software in itself and comes as a complimentary tool with Radar.

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References: (982 + Books & Volumes)

The largest collection of books that any software offers as on date. Includes all kinds of materia medicas, Therapeutics, Dictionaries and Research Methodology books.

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