By Dr. Proceso Sanchez Ortega

Dr. Ortega’s depth of miasmatic understanding or   knowledge has been integrated into numerous of the most predominant symptoms in Synthesis Repertory.

The MIASM should be acknowledge or understood in its widest sense as a true predisposing condition, chronic diseases or the morbid constitutional state that will unfaltering give growth to the different sicknesses of mankind – anyhow of excess or perversion, deficiency – noticeable in the organic changes as in the i.e, mental or intellectual   and emotional spheres.

They are labeled or categorized with flags to specify the miasmatic episode of the symptoms presented by the patient.

Once you create the analysis, then you can see a pie chart showing you the miasmatic predominance of the symptoms that you took (e.g. blue for psora, yellow for sycosis and red for syphilis).

You can select the miasm that you desire or only the symptoms existing to that miasm will get repertorized. A student, scholar or a practitioner in thinking over miasms will surely come across the books like chronic diseases by the great leader and our master Dr. Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann, or the philosophies which are written by H A Roberts or Kent which are appraised or considered as the principle philosophies for the comprehension of budding homeopaths and emerging practitioners. But rarely will individuals think of the miasms by Dr. Sanchez Ortega. A book notes on miasm is written by Dr. Proceso Sanchez Ortega with the special help of his own students they all forced him to write down what he has investigated, deduced and verified over years

Ortega miasmatic module is established on the miasmatic cleavage and philosophical background as given by Dr. Sanchez Ortega. He has clearly concluded manifestations of each of the miasm and categorized symptoms accordingly.

This Ortega miasmatic analysis module is a beneficial one to watch what is the principal miasm in the individual case and anti-miasmatic remedies according to the totality of symptoms.

Ortega’s philosophy contains topics like-

Hahnemannian concept of constitutions, sickness.

Situations for accepting the doctrine of miasms.

The hahnemannian theory or concept of the miasms.

Other important homeopathic concepts of miasms.

A general converse of the miasms, the base of their recognition: excess, deficiency and perversion.

Miasm like Psora, syphilis and sycosis.

Illustrative content on the obvious clinical manifestations of the miasms, taken from many colleagues who have intermingled or assimilated our interpretation and application of hahnemann’s doctrine of miasms.

Degenerative diseases and their miasms.

The doctrine of miasms for the treatment of the patient and how to identify the dominant miasm.

The miasmatic classification of remedies in function of their symptoms and the doctrine of miasms as it is associated with general human or individual problems.

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