Indian RadarOpus Package List


Synthesis TE 2009 Repertory

Synthesis Adonis

Jeremy Sherr Q Rep 2019 (update from 2016)

Degroote F. Dream Repertory

Murphy Repertory 3.0

DEGROOTE F. - Muscles, Nerves and Vertebrae Repertory 2019

TRIVEDI N. Repertory of Infertility

Choudhury - Hints for Treatment of Cancer

Drake, OM - Repertory of Warts and Condylomata

Norland L. - Thematic Repertory

Boger, CM - Synoptic Key of the Materia Medica

Boenninghausen Pocket Book (BTPB)

H. Roberts - Sensations As If

Sukumaran, N - Main Symptoms of Heart Problems

Boger, CM - Boenninghausen's Characteristics & Repertory

Boger, CM - General Analysis

Boericke - Repertory in Pocket Manual

Clarke - Clinical Repertory

J. Ward - Sensations As If

Bhatia, VR - Miniature Rep. of Remedies in Common Cold

KENT Repertory

Phatak Repertory

Foster - Toothache and its Cure

Jefferson Guernsey - Repertory of Hemorrhoids

Master, FJ - Hair Loss

Pulford, A and TD - Repertory of Pneumonia

Sudarshan, SR - Repertory of Non-Malarial Fevers

Vervarcke Family Finder

Bönninghausen polar symptom analysis

Degroote - Energetic Remedy Picture Module

Keynotes Radar V4

Keynotes Allen

Guernsey H.N.-Keynotes to the Materia Medica

Lippe A. von-Keynotes of the Homeop. Materia Medica

SCHROYENS F. - Acute Diseases

SCHROYENS F. - Radar concepts

PETRUCCI R. - Children concepts

LARA I. - Latent psora

MATEU RATERA M. - First Aid manual

DRAGOS D. - Mind concepts

SERVAIS P. - Themes

VALADARES FONSECA A. - Semiological guide

ROSENTHAL C. - Five elements

SCHROYENS F. - Nosodes Families

STÖTELER E. - Hahnemann disease classification

ROSENTHAL C. - State of matter families

BÖNNINGHAUSEN, von C. - Boenninghausen concordances

SCHROYENS F. - Related remedies

TAYLOR W. - Kingdoms families

TAYLOR W. - Miasms families

BOYD W. - Boyd families

DORCSI M. - Dorcsi families

PATERSON J. - Bowel nosodes

BENTLEY G. - Miasms, Dominance and the 7 color groups

TAYLOR W. - Periodic Table (Classical)

TAYLOR W. - Periodic Table (element theory)

TESTE A. - Teste families

Map - Scholten

MAP - BENTLEY - Bentley Homeopathic Facial Analysis

MAP - VERMEULEN - Vermeulen; Fungi groups

MAP - MORRISON - Morrison; Carbons (Family Illustration)

MAP - PLOUVIER SUIJS - Plouvier-Suijs;

MAP - CREVELD - Creveld Three Trees

MAP - EVANS Evans - Marine Invertebrates (Family illustration)

MAP - GRAY - Gray's Provings

MAP - HATHERLY - Hatherly Guide to Lactation (Family illustration)

MAP - MASTER - Master; Lacs in Homeopathy (Family Illustratinon)

MAP - SHORE Shore - Homeopathic Remedies from the Avian Realm

MAP - TAYLOR - Taylor; Kingdoms

MAP - VERVARCKE - An Vervarcke An; Vital Approach

Software Engine

Diamond Diamond Gold Silver Silver Mini

WINCHIP (Patient Management Program)

Diamond Gold Silver Silver Mini Mini

Encyclopedia Homeopathica (Books Volume)

1505+ 1200+ 972+ 765+ 405 184


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