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For more than four decades, the B.Jain group has been synonymous with quality in homeopathy. A whole generation of homeopaths that grew on the comprehensive B.Jain books has now begun to gracefully pass the baton to the younger lot. The group has meanwhile grown to an international brand in the field of homeopathy. Having a name in periodicals, books, IT, seminars, pharmaceuticals and of course the common thread in all of these Homeopathy

B.Jain group’s foundation was laid in 1966 when Mr. P.N JAIN, a typist who use to type homeopathic teachers notes in his extra time also started typing out of copyright homeopathic books during nights to make a little extra money for his family. His books were available at incredibly low prices. Mr. Jain’s day-night efforts and the support of his wife Mrs. Bimla Jain soon took the form of B.Jain publishing company. This brought a revolution in India. The industry supported Mr. Jain with full swing as it recognized his intentions and capabilities, working closely with the senior-most doctors of the field, B.Jain started publishing more and more books crossing the mark of 100 titles in the first decade itself.

Appreciative of Mr. Jain’s contribution to homeopathy he was awarded an honorary doctorate of the Open International University for complimentary medicines. B.Jain also gave a platform to the Indian doctors by publishing their books and making them available across the world. While homeopathy was gradually taking roots in India and elsewhere, Mr. Jain realized most of the homeopaths were working in isolation, as there was no trustworthy medium of sharing technical findings with others in the fraternity. This gave birth to the first dedicated journal of homeopathy “The Homeopathic Heritage”. Homeopathic Heritage journal is the oldest homeopathic journal published till date without any break. It gave a platform to homeopaths from different parts of the world and country to share their thoughts and cases and this learn from each other. The Homeopathic Heritage has another feather in the cap as it has gone peer reviewed since January 2013.

Meanwhile Mr. Kuldeep Jain, son of Dr. P.N Jain joined the group in 1976. His vision gave a new direction to the group. He proactively exposed the group’s Indian publications to various fora on one hand while acquiring newer International publications on the other. Under his leadership, the group became a new hope for the homeopaths globally as it gave a new life to many titles that had become rare. B.Jain has its own printing press, which is been awarded the fourth national award for excellence in printing. B.Jain’s books today are not limited just to homeopathy but also cover many other topics. With the strong insight the group developed into the homeopathic industry, it gradually diversified into other allied fields as well. In 1993, the group started distributing the RADAR homeopathic software in Asia. Today RADAR OPUS is the most advanced and user -friendly homeopathic software and is being used by maximum number of successful homeopaths around the world.

In the year 2004, when there were critical attacks on homeopathy and B.Jain felt the strong need to contribute to the system for its growth and awareness. They felt that if homeopathy is not propagated and new entrants are not encouraged the system will go down and die. This thought gave birth to start of a Centre of Advance Studies in Homeopathy (C.A.S.H.), A no-profit, no-loss organization that conducts a series of seminars and workshops for propagation of homeopathy. C.A.S.H gave platform to many doctors and also gave exposure of senior most teachers to students and practitioners and thus gave them a confidence that homeopathy has much scope and capabilities.

Constantly keeping in touch with the industry made Mr. Jain realize that in spite of having the largest number of doctors and patients the people at large still have the preference for the foreign made medicines. Also, being in company with senior most teachers of the field, he was constantly asked to start pharmaceuticals. Once he asked the reason for same and the answer he got was because there was need for transparency. Everybody claims quality and no homeopath knows how the so called quality is made and assured.

It was then that B.Jain decided to start a pharmaceutical plant with a difference. The difference would be Quality with transparency. At the very outset, B.Jain decided to concentrate on quality and documents to assure that it’s maintained consistently. Best available staff from across the world was selected and hired for the project. In the first year of production itself the company acquired both Indian and Canadian GMP’s. GMP or Good Manufacturing Practices is an internationally recognized comprehensive benchmark for quality assurance in medicine production. It covers everything from architecture, machines, raw materials, procedures to training. B.Jain has taken special care to have the entire plant constructed as per GMP norms. Strict cleanliness and access control is maintained in the sections where medicines are prepared. The entire plant is centrally air-conditioned; all entrances to the plant have air curtains. The water used in the plant is sourced from its in-house RO cum Demineralization unit. Following the GMP standards in letter and spirit, raw materials weather plant, animal or chemical based are all obtained from trustworthy sources. Herbs are procured from original sources located wherever ideal climatic conditions can be found.

For B.Jain, Homeopathy is not just a business but a passion and that is why they have sister concerns like C.A.S.H which works with sole aim to popularize homeopathy . It’s the passion which has made B.Jain start a pharmaceutical plant which brings a unique feature of giving right to each and every doctor how his/her medicines are being made. B.Jain today is one stop shop for homeopathy for any homeopath where they can get all for their homeopathy needs, from books, journal, magazine, globules, remedy bags and now high quality medicines with 100 assurance of its correctness.

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