The perfect and flawless software tool for Homeopaths, Naturopaths and Alternative medicine practitioners also. The busy Homeopaths can easily search for various pathological conditions and find the accurate remedy suggestions within the attentive and focused clinical rubrics of this Bianchi repertory.

This Bianchi repertory comes into its own in a busy practice where the case can revolve around pathological conditions and a clinical requirement to detoxify the system.

It developed in the 1950s by Dr. Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg, a German physician who was also a naturopath and homeopath, Homotoxicology is a homeopathic perspective and approach to healing that aims or focus to detoxify the body and reimpose the body’s own natural biorhythms (our emotional, physical and intellectual cycles).  Aiming to bring together homeopathy and modern medicine, Dr. H-H Reckeweg developed the Heel GMBH homeopathic preparations, which can include a combination of low dose classical homeopathic remedies, organ tissue, nosode preparations and allopathic medicines.

Homotoxicology recognizes that toxins contribute to any organ and the energy depletion resulting in disease. Generally, the body will “throw off” the toxins through many routes of elimination such as the liver, kidneys, bowels, sweating and mucous membranes. If, although, the body does not eradicate toxins sufficiently, they can become and enhance lodged in the connective tissue where they are then easily attacked by the body’s own immune system, resulting in inflammation. Moreover, if the immune system is unsuccessful in eradicating the toxicity collected in the connective tissue, then it can cause further aggravations to the health and the vitality of the body – and as vitality is decreased, more degenerative diseases can also occur.

How to use this Bianchi repertory in practice?

  • You can search or explore for any inflammatory condition by typing *itis into the RadarOpus software search engine.
  • Tip – the * informs RadarOpus to look for ANY word beginning that end in it is!
  • You can also search for the word dama* to find rubrics pertaining to damage of a particular part or organ system.      
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