The authentic name of the book was ‚ÄėTherapeutic Pocket Book for Homoeopathic Physicians‚Äô to work at the Bedside or in the research or Study of the Materia Medica.

While examining the symptomatology in the homeopathic materia medica, Dr. Boenninghausen faced many difficulties or problems with consideration to symptoms. He found various symptoms that recorded incompletely or inadequately and very repeatedly the incomplete part or share was related to their modalities. Then He emphasized much on concluding the symptoms with all their components. Dr. Boenninghausen bears that a symptom can be complete so that it lay into a totality. Although A complete symptom and according to him, includes the following components such as: Location, Sensation, Modalities, Concomitants. That’s not a necessary component however its presence will tremendously help to particularize the case. Now Along with the further three components that mentioned above, there exist few expressions that are not personally related to the existing symptom, but on the other hand such expressions appear and disappear with the criticism or complaints. These are the expressions of the individual person and thus, they deserve chief importance in the study of the disease and symptoms. often patients just forget to mention the concomitants because they do not think of them worthy of being raised and mentioned. These incomprehensible attendants of any case, which helps to differentiate one case from another, only one remedy from another and are known as concomitants. The Concomitants are often distinguishable into three components such as; location, sensation and modalities.

Accordingly, the plan and construction of boenninghausen Therapeutic Pocket Book has been formulated and conceived in such a manner as to create it highly schematic in practical use. Now The whole book can be divided into three components such as location, sensation and modalities. However, the concomitants are found to be scattered.


  1. The Therapeutic Pocket Book is the greatest work and a valuable gift to the homeopathic organization or world by Dr. Boenninghausen. As clear from its original name, it is beneficial at the bedside and in the study of the homeopathic materia medica.
  2. This repertory is constructed on the fundamentals of complete symptom and concomitants. Plan and construction of this repertory accompany the same principles and the complete book is divided into locations, sensations and modalities. This creates it easy for the homeopaths and practitioners to search rubrics.
  3. It includes an additional chapter ‚Äď ‚ÄėRelationship of Remedies‚Äô regarding the end. The chapter is very unique and it is useful to search all the related drugs of a case.
  4. The information contained in Therapeutic Pocket Book are acquired mainly from Hahnemann’s work as well as from all contemporary stalwarts. The information and the sources of information are most authentic and they have been proved by Boenninghausen in his clinical practice. This makes the repertory very useful and authentic.
  5. The Modalities and Sensations chapter includes several helpful rubrics that can belong to many parts as well as to the whole individual or person. This very unique arrangement can only be found in the Therapeutic Pocket Book.
  6. This repertory has five distinct typography that denotes the several grades of medicines, spreading the vast range of intensity of symptoms.
  7. The repertory includes mental rubrics at two places such as – Mind and Modalities (Aggravation and Amelioration). Both chapters are referred to for finding different or various mental symptoms.
  8. Though not all, however some chapters include details of concomitants individually given regarding the end of the chapters. The repertory has given the start of an era of acknowledging the concomitants in the efforts of repertories and in their practice.
  9. The adaptability or flexibility of the repertory creates it very special for homeopathic practitioners
  10. Being one of the only initial repertories, it includes a relatively systematic and well-organized arrangement and comprehensive information on many locations, sensations, modalities and relationships of any remedies. This unique effort became the ancestor of all future and more helpful repertories.
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