Dr. J.H. Clarke was determined in his work, writing and it is even utter that he had a desk in his carriage. For many years, Dr. Clarke was the editor of The Homeopathic World. After that He wrote various books, his leading ones were Repertory of Materia Medica and Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica.

The foremost use of Clarke’s Clinical Repertory is to contrast or compare lesser known medicines with the polycrests following a traditional and conventional repertorisation.

For an example, one will compare related clinical rubrics from Synthesis with the particulars found in Clarke to help give some nuance and variation to a repertorisation that can otherwise restrain over 100 medicines. This technique is particularly helpful when the case lacks in defining characteristics and there may not so much to go on further than knowing the significant nature of the clinical condition.

It is also helpful when utilizing the clinical condition as an arrival point into studying Materia Medica or Keynotes rather than building a full classical repertorisation.

Clinical Repertory by Dr. John Henry Clarke is one such remarkably important repertory. Dr. John Henry Clarke was a traditional physician who converted or transformed to homeopathy and worked tremendously in the advancement and progress of homeopathy. He particularly designed this repertory for the study of his enormous materia medica, ‘The Dictionary of Materia Medica’. His repertory is extremely useful to ease the selection of medicine on the basis of clinical condition or pathological similarity, temperaments and causation.

‘Causation’ is a very useful and important feature of this repertory. Hence We have explored the materia medica and studied the medicines and it is hugely noticeable that nearly all the medicines have relations to some sorts of conditions, or accidents in ordinary life. For example, Arnica treats or manages the conditions which are followed by injuries, or Arg. nit treats the effects and results of apprehension before an examination or interview, or Nat Mur easily getting affected and pretentious by acidic food etc. So All these circumstances can be listed under ‘Ailments from’ or ‘Causation’ as we record in history. Clarke’s repertory contains this chapter of causations in which a number of causes are registered in an alphabetical order with remedies associated to them. For an example: when there is a case with ailments from milk, you can just select the causation chapter, milk, and select your rubric.

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