Dr. Filip Degroote graduated as a Doctor in Medicine in 1978.He has continued a full-time classical homeopathic practice for 28 years.

Dr. Filip Degroote’s early or untimely work was affected by Doctor A. Pladys, under whose supervision he progressed the pioneering work concerning clinical and energetic examination in homeopathy, published in 1992 as ‘Physical Examination and Observations in Homeopathy The selection of a dream symptom is based on the approach of the homeopath and how he or she perceives, recognises and interprets something in the dream of the patient which draws his or her attention because it looks like something peculiar or particular (cf. Organon § 153).

Then a fine tuning analysis is necessary to define the item to be found in the Dream Repertory. For this, all our senses and possibilities of creativity are necessary! It also requires some basic knowledge of psychology and especially a wide spread knowledge of our Materia Medica with the application of approaches from different schools.

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