A marvelous addition to the toolbox of all practitioners who merge or combine kinesiology, chiropractic, acupuncture, or further bodywork therapies beyond Homeopathy. It is a must for everyone using physical examination throughout the interview process.

The Energetic Remedy Picture Module comes with:

  1. This module brings you the thorough energetic picture of more than 1.300 medicines.
  2. Repertory of Muscles, Nerves and Vertebrae included.
  3. Accessible in a bundle with a Materia Medica guide.
  4. Simply R-click on a medicine in the Analysis or Repertory to view the Energetic Picture.

Hypo- or hyper-tonicity of muscles appear in red / green respectively. By prescribing the homoeopathically correct medicine, he touches hardly the personal energy of the patient, yet not his hereditary energy. While the patient’s complaints improve, the homeopath often forgets and misses the ‘awakened ancestral energetic disorder’ entirely, since this disorder has not for the most part been mentioned or observed by symptoms. This problem arises for various homeopaths; they don’t have experience or knowledge with energetic examination. The ‘awakened ancestral energetic disorder’ is often the reason why the patient goes through an aggravation. In the time of this aggravation the patient assembles known and/or new symptoms of the administered homeopathic medicine. The homeopath will chiefly adopt and acquire a wait-and-see attitude. In this way the aggravation picture, also the original complaint, then disappears progressively. The troubled and disturbed buried ancestral energy that came temporarily to the surface has then finally gone back again into a dormant state. In this way we, as homeopaths, forget an opportunity that was offered or recommended to us, to treat the deeper hereditary energetic disturbances. 

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