Family is everything that has to do with “group of remedies” or “relationships of remedies”. In families- a grouping of remedies based on relationships (several groupings are possible). View all related remedies of Plants, Animals, Minerals, Nosodes, Trees, Sea families etc.

 RadarOpus offers you different possibilities for approaching remedy families:

  1. First and foremost, Synthesis Repertory contains “Views” that easily allow a repertorisation to be filtered to one of the 3 main kingdoms (plants, minerals, and animals). You can of course be more specific than that if you wish.
  2. You can highlight the remedies of a particular family or limit the analysis to that family- E.G. Insects, Birds, Lac remedies etc…
  3. You can also limit your analysis according to a particular Miasm and have the option to combine this with a plant family, for example the Loganiaceae, or any other family as defined by the Opus database which contains over 3000 families.
  4. You can also use more than one miasm or family in one analysis to cross-reference the remedies contained in each classification.
  5.  The possibilities extend as far as your needs require for each case.

For example, you can analyze by considering only mineral remedies. Or you can take this further using Jan Scholten’s Periodic Table Map. This allows you to limit or highlight the analysis to a particular Row and Stage or combination of Stages when considering a Salt.

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