A repertory comprised of subjective symptoms written in a succinct 2-word format

Dr. Herbert A Roberts graduated from the New York Homeopathic Medical College. He practiced for a little time in Vermont, Brattleboro and then set up practice in Derby. He wrote The Rheumatic Remedies and The Classic, The Study of Remedies by Comparison, Principles and Art of Cure by Homeopathy.

It is immensely helpful when studying remedies via “Reverse repertorisation ” – extracting numerous hidden idiosyncrasies

Ward’s “Sensations as if” becomes extraordinary powerful when used in the combination with RadarOpus software

  • When a case-taking divulge intensely felt and well described sensations, particularly if they recurrent in various parts of the body and mind, this repertory can be consulted (alongside Robert’s Sensations as if).
  1. In RadarOpus, you can find for the main keyword of the sensation throughout Ward’s “Sensations as if” Repertory, rapidly extracting a Graphic Analysis of all the results.
  2. By combining the multiple Search tabs, you can even build up a visual analysis of the main sensations expressed by the patient.
  3. For example: the words pressure, pulsating, electrical and tingling were searched (each in its own search tab) to give the following results

The instructions of Master Samuel Hahnemann that the patient’s own language is the most precise and accurate expression of his disease is the immense foundation of this work by Dr. Herbert A. Roberts. This book can solve a student’s issue of perceiving the patient’s sign and symptom in his layman language, by converting it to rubrics and then finding the best simillimum.

It is also believed that the effective prescriptions in homeopathy can only be assembled by understanding the fundamental essence of the patient as an individual which can include his mental state, behavioral and psychological aspects as well as the physical symptoms.

As per the Dr. Kent’s hierarchy, extra importance has been provided to the mental symptoms. The difference in the perspective or approach of Dr. Roberts is clearly visible in the emphasis that has been provided to the sensations and reactions of the emotions rather than feelings or the emotions itself.

The preface of the Ward’s “Unabridged Dictionary of the Sensations as if” irradiates and illuminates the grounds of this repertory

It is portion of the puritan class (where the proving language is preserved faithfully rather than converted into the language of the repertory)

The “Unabridged Dictionary of the Sensations as if” is an alternate avenue of approach to the traditional difficulty of remedy selection from the huge Homeopathic symptomatology

  1. The Ward’s “Sensations as if” is a repertory which comprises characteristic and unique symptoms that are found directly in the pathogenesis (provings) of many homeopathic remedies – both well-known and lesser-known. These all subjective sensations are experienced in the procedure of provings or in the course of clinical experience, are mainly expressed by the phrase “as though” or “as if.”
  2. It was through careful and painstaking research and examination of provings that these all symptoms were composed and collected from all Homeopathic literature, beginning with the days of the prestigious Hahnemann and continuing methodically through the authoritative writings, provings and lectures of many esteemed authors.

Each of the rubric is comprised of 2 words to succinctly describe the sensation

  1. In RadarOpus, you can also effortlessly refer to the accompanying Materia Medica text to peruse the full proving / clinical symptom.
  2. For example, navigate to the rubric “Abdomen burst” in Ward’s Repertory

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