The button Maps offers a great variety of homeopathic maps or schemas of different teachers and approaches.

Maps can give access to specific information and allow you to limit or highlight a certain remedy group (a family) in your analysis window.

For example, the Maps of Farokh Master help to analyze your case by offering information about Delusion rubrics and helping to find the correct rubrics for your case.

Will Taylor: Highlight or Limit to a Family

Maps and families are very related topics. Most of the Maps have to do with ‘Groups’ of remedies.

For example the Map of the Families Main Groups offers a graphical way to select the family group you like to Highlight or Limit your analysis to.

Navigate to the family group you need.

  1. Right mouse click on it and select Highlightor Limit the analysis
  2. When you have reached a last level it will automatically execute the option you have selected at the top.

Learn more about using Maps in the Help online or see the chapter Families

See video: Use Maps (Kingdoms Will Taylor)

Jan Scholten: Highlight or Limit to a Stage or Series

The video shows you how you can use the Maps to select one or more family-levels in the Periodic table to limit or highlight the analysis to.

In the periodic table you can select a ‘family/group’ to highlight or limit your analysis to.

You can also select several items via the Right mouse click or with the keyboard Ctrl+Click (Windows) or Cmd+Click (MAC).

See video: Use Maps (Jan Scholten)

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