Dr. Farokh Master has created an Analysis strategy which weights your analysis based on an approval rating of each author. Reliable sources are given higher approval and accorded a stronger weighting in the Analysis compared to a less-confirmed source. This allows you to analyse your case in a very similar way to Dr. Master– it’s like having his expertise at your fingertips!

Useful for cases that need a deeper study, because it gives meaningful insights at a single glance, saving time and preventing potentially significant omissions of candidate remedies.


  • Each remedy is evaluated according to the author’s reference, which may be more or less reliable.
  • The more a remedy is referenced the more points it earns (the more authors it has as a reference).
  • The method takes into account the intensity of the symptom.
  • The calculation will show the remedies sorted according to the value “achieved” by each remedy.
  • You need at least 5 symptoms for it to work.


  • Advanced expert system based on groundbreaking research in homeopathic prescribing
  • Ask Materia Medica questions to patients using Master Score to confirm remedies
  • Uses Synthesis Repertory, which is constantly updated
  • Simple, intuitive graphical user interface
  • Available in all 9 Synthesis languages
  • Available for RadarOpus 3.3 users and later
  • Export Master Score analysis to a file, print it or save the analysis

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