Andre Saine’s Materia Medica Pura Project in RadarOpus

The Materia Medica Pura Project is updating and improving our materia medica and repertories!

  • An international team from 13 countries is collecting all the reliable homeopathic material of about 600 remedies with Sources including provings, toxicological reports, clinical evidence and cured cases.

 “MMPP Group Summaries” is present in both English and German!

  • The “Summaries” are typically between 1 and 10 pages long, conveying the genius of each remedy.
  • Featuring 186 remedies in English and 201 in German!

Make the most of Saine’s Materia Medica Pura Group Summaries in RadarOpus

  • With the MMPP document open, you can enter keywords to express the Genius of your case into the RadarOpus search window.

In the example below,

  • *cold* instructs the search engine to look for cold, but it will also find the word coldness in the text.
  • *blood* will find bloody etc.

In the example below, you see the materia medica of Ambra Grisea – with the chosen keywords highlighted.

For a useful reminder of what the term Genius means in relation to our Materia Medica,
The Genius according to Boger is
The strain which runs through every pathogenetic symptom complex…
To give this its proper place in the prescription should be the ideal of every prescriber.
They should reflect a speaking image of the correctly indicated remedy.
Cyrus Boger
In summary

  • The gestalt pattern is the established remedy picture of a certain remedy.
  • The clinically confirmed essence or nucleus of the overall gestalt picture which has been established for many remedies over decades is termed the Genius of the remedy.
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