Dr. Luke has a homeopathic practice in Bristol and Frome, integrating this with his part as the United Kingdom coordinator for RadarOpus software and his teaching efforts at the School of Homeopathy. Although He has already acquired valuable experience of working with the academic or school’s provings, while assembling rubrics for the new medicines; Meles meles, Carbo fullerenum, Clupea harengus, Passer domesticus, Galium aparine and Fulgurite. The grounding in this repertory and provings has enhanced a necessary facet in Dr. Luke’s process of discovering a similimum for a various range of patients.

Although graduating from the medical course, he has been engaged in editing his own “Thematic Repertory” with new medicines and also remedy families. Dr. Luke has also dedicated his time to writing or authoring a concise work or book that delves into the homeopathic themes of animal families, also synthesizing this with the school’s illumination and teachings on mappa mundi and his own fondness of mythology. Dr. Luke’s perspective to homeopathy is to combine together the various disciplines of materia medica, provings, repertory and systems so that each and every case can be investigated from a relevant anchor point to grab or suit the individual.

The thematic categorizations are not axiomatic. Hence The aim is to represent inherent attempts to organize ideas. Basically These classifications are concerned with criticism, condemnation and to the formation of new themes. The collaboration of the homeopathic group or community with the manufacture, production, censorious development and evolution of the themes is most important, for taking this approach or perspective to the mainstream. This exploration will only be beneficial to us whether the thematic categorizations are natural and intuitive to most of the homeopaths.

Developed by heedful combining of cross-referenced Mental or Mind rubrics in Synthesis repertory that express a very similar meaning. Featuring the additions of new medicines from immediate or contemporary Hahnemannian manifest or provings as well as drugs families. New medicines have been included by researching each and every theme all over the provings which are available in RadarOpus Software.

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