Our Materia Medica consist of the vast array of symptoms compiled from drug proving and it is practically unviable to either remember all the symptoms or exactly match the thousand symptoms of medicines with patient’s symptoms. So to make Materia Medica simple and easy keynote symptoms are present in homoeopathy. Sometimes patient provides many symptoms and sometimes patient gives limited symptoms; in both situations there lies the importance of keynotes prescribing through which we can easily match the characteristic symptoms of the patient with the keynotes of medicine.

Keynote is a term related to music. It is the first note of a musical scale upon which a musical piece’s tonal progression is based and determines the starting and ending point of the piece. The same concept has been adopted in homeopathy. Keynotes of medicine are the most peculiar, uncommon and characteristic signs and symptoms of the medicine. It helps to individualize and differentiate one medicine from others especially the medicines which are similar in manifestation

Keynote symptoms can be found in any sphere of the case; from generalities, causations, modalities, particulars, suppressions, bad effects, past history, family history etc.

RadarOpus provides different keynote symptoms for the remedies.

1. Keynotes by Archibel, RadarOpus

These keynotes distinguish RadarOpus software from the currently available softwares. The RadarOpus software comes with inbuilt keynotes of remedies compiled by the RadarOpus team. It consists of the important individualizing characteristic symptoms of a remedy under distinguished headings which are very similar to the repertory chapters. Keywords are given at the starting of remedies for the easy individualization and simple understanding of the overview of the whole remedy. With the keynotes searching rubric in the repertory is very easy and finding similimum is just one click away.

2. J H CLARKE Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica

Dr. John Henry Clarke was one of the most eminent homoeopaths, who devoted his whole life for the advancement of Homoeopathy. He introduced many remedies into the Homoeopathic Materia Medica. The important features of Clarke’s dictionary are the clinical conditions and the description of general nature of the remedy. The clinical uses of the remedies are described under different characteristics headings. The Clarke’s Dictionary gives information about the drug-provings in the most absorbable form. This book contains leading Conditions of aggravation and amelioration of the remedy, chief allies of each remedy, the clinical conditions to the effects of which the action of a remedy is particularly suited.

3. H.C Allen’s Keynotes and Characteristics

It is the most concise, to the point and quick reference guide for prescribing on keynotes. It is the indispensable basic Materia Medica which is useful for students, beginners and practitioners. Allen’s Keynotes is one of the most popular and widely read materia medica because of its preciseness and comprehensiveness. The keynote symptoms of 188 of the most commonly used remedies are described in the book and a section on the bowel nosodes and a section on imponderables and nosodes are included in the book.

4. A LIPPE Keynotes and Redline Symptoms of Materia Medica

Dr. Lippe compiled work on keynotes of homeopathic drugs under the style, “Red line symptoms”. The book gives the chain of more symptoms leading to correct diagnoses, in a particular characteristic combination. The characteristic symptoms of the around 300 important remedies are covered. For the complete and easy analysis of the case there is a mention of the modalities and relationship of remedies. These symptoms are very useful in having successful prescription.

5. T.F.Allen, Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica

It provides a complete and accurate record of the positive effects of drugs upon the healthy human organism. The text consists of the symptoms that are recorded as facts with the interpretation of their physiological action. The record consists of most of the homoeopathic drug proving.

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