Dr. Frederik Schroyens was one of the first or only RADAR users in 1986  and became ardent about the growing possibilities of computer science present to Homeopathy. Because of his enthusiasm for the program, he became the Enhanced Homeopathic Coordinator of the RADAR software Project.

Although Synthesis Adonis is the successor version of Synthesis Treasure Edition 2009V and is a major step forward, contributing the efforts of over 12 years of work. A prosperity of information has been added on, various rectifications have been implemented and some creative new ideas are encompassed in this version.

  1. Number of remedies: 3233
  2. Number of symptoms with remedies: 153109
  3. Author references: 1599

Hence Synthesis repertory has been at the fundamental of its evolution, since its origination, Synthesis Adonis contains frequently checked additions or versions from the classical homeopathic writings or literature, including Hahnemann, Kent, Hering, Allen, Knerr, Boericke, Clarke etc.

Additions from immediate or contemporary authors are added only with awareness, most repeatedly only in the very first degree unless authentication of a higher degree approaches from other authors.

Each of the new versions has been the result of thousands of hours of effort by many devoted people. Every version of Synthesis repertory is used millions of times by foremost homeopaths before it is used to assemble another edition. As can be anticipated from these censorious or critical minds, they have examined the rubrics and the remedies again and again. Their important comments are consolidated into each new edition.

By Navigating Synthesis repertory becomes unchallenging even for newcomers,beginners, highlighting the new rubrics for you to come across. So the Synthesis also contains many correlated concept files that are designed to help you to find rubrics. This is a major help for newcomers to the repertory who are so far to master the Victorian language professionals or employed. These concept files give an alternative direction into finding rubrics. You can also search for a medical phrase or modern proclamation or expression and you can find a link to the current rubrics that envelops the symptoms. Synthesis repertory contains medical phrases, clinical and modern expression as these can be most obliged to modern Homeopaths. 

Synthesis is the outcome of constant teamwork with advanced technology. It is the impressive version of the RADAR project or computer programme. This synthesis repertory has placed a latest standard by adding various information and constant verification by its end users. The most reliable, well-grounded and comprehensive Homeopathic Repertory for most precise prescribing and for best results. Create first analysis at the patient bedside – easy to work, intuitive or inherent interface.

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