including a PLUS GROUP; several distinctive characteristics that define each remedy!

Synoptic Reference consist of 500 remedies that have been selected from over 6000 available remedies, ranging from the most traditional to the very new:

  • Some remedies are well-known with many uses and others are rare and little known.
  • All are presented with a host of useful information.
  • Some remedies do not appear in an appreciable way in any other materia medica.
  • The remedies occur in the following divisions
  • – 274 Plants
    – 132 Minerals
    – 64 Animals
    – 18 Nosodes
    – 10 Fungi
    – 2 Imponderables

The extensive Source and Substance section includes the latest scientific names as well as kingdoms or groupings

At the philosophical core of these ideas is the obvious statement that nature is full of phenomena, as described by chemistry, metallurgy, botany, physics and biology.

  • There are plenty of additional ways besides these sources in which all parts of nature are expressed and interact with man.
  • Living proofs of these are
    • fairytales
    • legends
    • myths
    • traditional medicinal uses
    • economic avail
    • industrial applications
    • other relationships between men and animals, plants or minerals.

The Materia Medica is subdivided into 4 Sections, which are Mind, Generals, Sensations and Locals

  • Each section contains individualizing characteristics and key symptoms.
  • They are derived from both clinical and proving symptoms for a balanced approach.
  • Repertory rubrics are up-to-date, being derived from the Synthesis Repertory in RadarOpus. Additional information is obtained from a wide variety of international Materia Medicas.

A completely new feature, the PLUS GROUP, consists of several distinctive characteristics or symptoms that define the remedy

  • Generally, the most distinct quality is listed first.
  • The more lines of the group are added “plus” by “plus”, the more confident one can be that the remedy fits the patient.
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