Dr. Nikunj Trivedi specializes in managing or treating fertility complications and chronic diseases and has authored four literature or books on the subject. After that He get his degree or grades with a Gold Medal in Homeopathy in 1980, from India and having 35 years of versatile or multi-skilled Clinical experience. Then He acquired further learning in Gynecology, Medicine and Surgery and began his private practice. Dr. Nikunj is a Fellow of the British Institute of Homeopathy. Also He is a Fellow or companion of the Royal Society of Health. Although Dr. Nikunj has been awarded or granted as Man of Achievement in 2002. He is affiliated with various Homeopathic organizations throughout the world. He is a Huge Member of Homeopathy for Children Charity-UK. He had been a Hon. Lecturer, in the department of Clinical Therapeutics at Homeopathic medical college and he educates or teaches Homeopathy.

Dr. Nikunj has published or brought out many research papers and articles and conducted various lectures and seminars in the field of Infertility and Homeopathy. He has treated more than 200,000 patients in his 30 years of clinical practice, that includes Chronic diseases and Infertility with dazzling victory in India and throughout the world with his on-line clinical aid or help. Many patients from UK / Africa/ USA / Bahrain / Norway / Nepal / Canada have been to him for the Fertility treatment in India since 1980 to 2004. Then He settled in the UK in 2004, having a massive private clinical practice. His unflagging enthusiasm, his vision and expertise to simplify or untangle the complex disease conditions were acknowledged repeatedly all over his clinical practice with the granting of the highest privilege for excellence in practice by his students, patients and colleagues. He has attempted to untangle the complexity of the latest and Advanced clinical conditions by introducing this book to the whole Homeopathic fraternity and Community.This book is considered to explain the Infertility problems and Human Sexual Disorders in a Therapeutic manner and comprehensive, without comprehensive clinical explanations to the latest generation of energetic Homeopaths with ingenious approaches regarding practice. The goal of the book is to encourage and help Homeopathic college students, interns and practitioners to understand and to learn and to use clinical Homeopathy in the procedure of building fortunate scientific evidence based on Homeopathic practice.

The idea or scheme for this book emerged after coming across many clinical conditions throughout his work experience and clinical training in the Gynecology and Obstetrics Department. Now the differentiation has shown the Disease picture`s comparison with the drug picture. It’s a comparative clinical perspective. Many of the patients are comprehended repeatedly by practitioners that require Free from Side-Effects, Non-invasive, Immune – booster, Non-addictive, Easy compliance and palatability based treatment. Homeopathy system stands out as their first only choice, within its limitations. Hence Dr. William Boericke has explained in his Materia Medica references, many clinical conditions with their drug indication

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