Collated from the journals of the Homeopathic “founding fathers” of the century 1820-1920; one of the most prolific times in the history of Homeopathy!

VISTA project started when Frans Vermeulen unearthed a virtual treasure trove of archived American, English and German homeopathic medical journals from the years 1820-1920.

Frans found about 100 or more journals and some consisted of 12 issues per year for over 50 years!

  • Some individual journal issues were volumes as large as 800 pages, nearer to an encyclopedia rather than the monthly offering of a subscription journal. 

  • Frans read every one of the journals cover to cover, which ended up being about a million pages!
  • From that he carefully selected the creme-de-la-creme of the articles and placed them into one of two categories – materia medica or philosophy & methodology.

The result is about 7500 pages of materia medica for 764 remedies, called VISTA VINTAGE.

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