He is recognized throughout the whole homeopathic world as a prolific author, lecturer and authority on materia medica

Passport 2.0 guides you through the substance descriptions on over 3,000 homeopathic remedies. This credential and reference material will give you elaborated insight on the substances themselves.

For remedies that come from the minerals:

a)  Vermeulen highlights such things as

b)  The chemical description and properties,

c)   Geological information and occurrence,

d)   Physical properties,

e)   Biological properties and uses, as well as medicinal uses.

For remedies that come from plants:  Frans Vermeulen highlights such things as botanical description, scientific name, habitat, as well as the medicinal affinities, components and activities.

Frans vermeulen lives and works with his wife Linda Johnson in California. He originally worked as a primary school teacher in the Netherlands from 1970 – 1979. Then he began to train as a homeopath in Hogue, opening his own practice in 1979. Vermeulen at the same time stayed busy with translating several homeopathic books / works. He is recognized throughout the homeopathic world as an author, lecturer and authority of materia medica.

Each of the various books he has authored makes a contribution of great significance to our understanding of materia medica and substances. His lectures are appreciated and inspiring for their liveliness, breadth of factual information and depth of knowledge.

This materia medica accommodates and contains classification of all the viruses and bacteria that have made their approach and way into the homeopathic pharmacopeia. The history of vaccines, disease, medicine and religion is charted here. We can see how disease and religion walk hand in glove, how the evolution of man reflects that of the microbe. Then we see the unbelievable power of the pathogen and the myths attendant on disease. Our language is perforated with the language of disease. This can be shown in the many myths and anecdotes that balance and lighten the dry and sometimes scientific language and statistical medical.

There is often more than one remedy per bacteria (for example one remedy is made from the vaccine and another from the disease product). The genealogy and history of these assembles fascinating reading, and Vermeulen has executed and implemented his sleuthing skills to unravel various irregularities.

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