This innovative Family Finder Module permits you to easily search for the keywords that are associated with homeopathic families and small medicines. Acquire instant approach to expressions, themes and essential information obtained from Anne’s vervarcke clinical experience and inclusive understanding of the ‘Vital Approach’ in Homeopathy.

Although Anne Vervarcke has developed her own methodology of practice, the Anne’s Method, Is based on her own 20-years of gathered or accumulated teaching knowledge, seminar experiences, and investigation in her private implementation or private practice.

The Dr. Anne vervarcke method is constructed primarily on the efforts of Rajan Sankaran, integrating classical experience and perceptions from phenomenology and linguistics.

When there are only three Kingdoms to contemplate , then the Minerals get the succeeding features assigned: i.e, the sensation of being incomplete and the want to complete themselves. The fondness is that the person is basically needing, necessitating, lacking or losing something in sequence to complete themselves.

Hence, I‚Äôve learned or explored the Gymnosperms, The Mosses, the Fungi, the Sarcodes, the Celestial bodies, the Bacteria, the Artificial products, the Rocks and Stones, the nosodes, the Waters and so on‚Ķ.  All these groups that exist are left out while we only think about three kingdoms i.e, (Plant, Animal, Mineral) in our study and analysis.

Accordingly, The key words of the Second Dimension is ‚ÄėEmptiness or Existence‚Äô, though in the Third dimension it would be ‚ÄėLiving, Life, Surviving‚Äô and whereas it is necessarily the same, the experience is entirely different. The remedies which are found in the Family Finder module are barely those that are not so familiar, or, by too much knowledge the essence is snowed under.

In Second Dimension, It will be using the case to accompany the characteristics and features for each of these remedy themes, families and where relevant will highlight the rare and lesser-known medicines with clinical importance. The Bacteria, Gemstones, the Elements and Carbon Compounds, the fungi, Sarcodes, Nosodes.

In Third dimension the goal of this family finder module will be in order to continue expanding the homeopathic materia medica and repertory, directing on these remedy families. Plants, Minerals, Fungi, Animals. Whereas It’s a revolutionary new method of examining a homeopathic case, where the homeopath makes initially the big divisions prior going into the particular details. That means the initial decision she constructs is whether it is a third dimension or a second dimension case This removes the possible Families, themes and groups that require to be examined in two.

The homeopath is authorized to ask questions to those patients, actually they likely will wait for your questions to ask, while in the Third Dimension cases, you might not even acquire a chance to ask any question from those patients, no matter how eagerly you try to manipulate or manoeuver one in. So the reason behind the second Dimension patient perceives the homeopath in his role, whereas the third Dimension one will try to engage in a relationship with the homeopath. This interactive family finder module is constructed to help you, so you can work through the toughest cases. Now Instead of using the repertory rubrics, the family finder module responds to queries built on the most predominant keywords, themes or expressions that are related to your patient’s sign and symptoms. It will help you to navigate through related families, expressions and themes to solve your patient’s case.

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